Will American Voters Forgive Biden on Election Day? | Whilst keeping US supply of weapons uninterrupted for Israel’s “Gaza Genocide” and his 100% complicity to continue, President Biden issues Token Gesture Executive Order Targeting 4 Israeli Settlers who Attacked Palestinians


Is this a desperate attempt to revive his chances of beating Trump for the Presidency?

Will American Voters Forgive him on Election Day?

Whilst keeping Israel’s supply of weapons uninterrupted to continue its “Gaza Genocide” & his 100% Complicity, Biden issues Token Gesture Executive Order Targeting 4 Israeli Settlers who Attacked Palestinians.

In a desperate attempt to win back very unhappy Americans, especially Arab voters who pledged they vote against him in the upcoming presidential elections amid his administration’s full complicity in Israel’s war crimes and Genocide on Gaza children and civilians, President Joe Biden is expected to issue an executive order aimed at punishing Israeli settlers in the West Bank who have been attacking Palestinians in the occupied territory. 

“Even if this order does happen, this is no more than a token gesture, and an insulting one at that. Biden is putting a band aid on mutilated bodies of dead Palestinian children. after his administration has been 100% complicit in Israel’s War-Crimes and Gaza Genocide. This will not salvage his presidential race hopes nor his record low approval ratings in the US.”    A Senior Geopolitical expert at the MLi Group said.

The executive order is set to be released later Thursday, according to the documents and the U.S. official.

As part of the roll-out, the Biden administration is announcing it is imposing sanctions on individuals who have engaged in such violence, which has killed or displaced many Palestinians from their lands, the documents say.

The National Security Council declined to comment.

The order comes as the Biden administration is under growing pressure, including from Democrats, to be tougher on Israel as it pursues a military campaign against Palestinians in the Gaza Strip that many critics say is disproportionate in the wake of the Hamas attack of Oct. 7.

The State and Treasury Departments are expected to issue details on the sanctions and how financial institutions should approach the issue, according to the documents.

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