Unprecedented – 4 Top UK Humanitarian organizations issue an Unambiguous Call to UK PM & Government Demanding an Immediate & Permanent Ceasefire in Gaza / Palestine.


Unprecedented – 4 Top UK humanitarian organizations issue an unambiguous Call to UK government demanding an immediate and permanent ceasefire in Gaza and Palestine.

Today, and in an unprecedented manner, four highly respected humanitarian organizations in the UK – Oxfam, Christian Aid, Global Justice Now, and War on Want, issued very unambiguous and very explicit call to the UK government demanding an immediate and permanent ceasefire in Gaza and Palestine. Their joined call also invoked the UK government’s clear complicity in the apocalyptic Genocide perpetrated by Israel on Gaza civilians.

Do You Want to Help? Start with the steps below:

Start exercising your democratic and human rights human rights, on daily bases, in the way you buy and consume products and services.
Start boycotting Israeli, American, British products, and services.
Start boycotting the products and services of companies who continue supporting and sending money to Israeli.
Download the App to help identify companies that continue supporting Israel, and those twho stopped or don’t, to determine whose products and services to buy or boycott.

Read the Oxfam letter below. Click on it to go to the Oxfam website.


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