Prosperity of Americans at Unprecedented Risk for US Complicity in Israel’s Gaza Civilians War-Crimes / Genocide. – This is why | Survivability Podcast.


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The Biden administration’s complicity in Israel’s war-crimes and genocide on Gaza civilians are already strongly asserted worldwide including within the US by highly respected individuals and organizations with specialist and legal expertise on these subjects.

The global outcries for a ceasefire continue being unheeded by the US and Israel as the tally of more than 20, 000 Gaza civilians killed, out of which more than 7000 are children and infants continue rising.

Meanwhile, the world is no longer willing to accept Israel’s right for self-defense as an acceptable justification, nor forgive the Biden administration and western democracies giving PM Netanyahu their unconditional support and green light to finish the job.

This is putting the economic prosperity of Americans and the standing of America around the world at immediate unprecedented risk.

In this Survivability Podcast episode, Khaled Fattal talks about the why, how, when and what can Americans and westerners do to avert this catastrophic consequence becoming a permanent reality.

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