“A Textbook Case of Genocide – Why isn’t the World Listening?”: Israeli Holocaust Scholar Raz Segal Describes Israel’s Assault on Gaza. | Survivability News Op-Ed. (Video)


“A Textbook Case of Genocide – And why is the world isn’t listening?”:

Israeli Holocaust Scholar Raz Segal Decries Israel’s Assault on Gaza.

Watch his video interview below.

Who is Raz Segal?
Why should his words weigh heavily on Americans, Europeans, and citizens all over the world?
What impact should his words have on the way we should start voting to choose our next political leaders, especially in in western democracies, representatives who will truly start to represent the will of the people, not those of special interest, foreign and domestic?

Raz Sega is an Israeli expert in modern genocide. He calls Israel’s assault on Gaza a textbook case of “intent to commit genocide” and that its rationalization of its violence a “shameful use” of the lessons of the Holocaust. He also addresses the Israeli state exceptionalism beliefs on Palestinians victims and compares and contrasts it to “Nazis” who used it on the Jews, and which Israel is uses to “justify, rationalize, deny, distort, disavow mass violence against Palestinians,” says Segal.

Watch his video interview with Amy Goodman below and make your own conclusions. 

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