Truth About Syria Series | US Media Disinforms Americans in Reporting on US Retaliation on Syria | Not once asking why US forces are stealing & illegally selling Syrian oil, or about CIA’s Operation “Timber Sycamore”.


Truth About Syria.

Watch US Media Network ABC News report below as it continues to disinform Americans and the truth about Syria and the US retaliation to a drone attack on a US base in Syria.
Observe how not once did the ABC News report:
Question why US forces are stealing & illegally selling Syrian oil for billions of dollars in the last few years.
Ask if US forces are in Syria legally or illegally.
Question the claims of the US that it is in Syria to fight ISIS, by asking about CIA’s Covert Operation “Timber Sycamore”.
Instead, observe how many times the ABC News anchor and field reporter kept repeating the word “Iran” or “Iranian” to scaremonger Americans & justify the US action.

Worth watching and listening to:



Watch below the ABC News Report.



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