Survivability Podcasts™ | Why Today’s Mass Shooting in Monterey Park, CA, Won’t Be the Last? And Why this Horrific American Mass Shootings Tradition Will Remain a Threat to its Democracy? Unless…


This Survivability Podcast episode will address why the sad and tragic American Mass Shootings Tradition continues unabated, and why Monterey Park, California, USA won’t be the last.

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What are Mass shootings and their root causes threats to democracy, not just the symptoms? 
Sadly, I predicted this horrific tradition will not end, and tell you why as I will read short excerpts from chapter 18 titled “A Threat to Democracy Part A” of my international best-selling book “Survivability”.
In this chapter, I address and identify three seismic examples, and their causes, being at the root cause of the threat to democracy in America – One of the three is “Mass Shootings”.
Why our horrified elected public officials are part of the problem, not the solution?
How do we address hate crime in America?
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