Are Netanyahu’s days as Israel’s PM numbered? | Calls for his “Immediate Removal” Getting Louder as top former Israeli Mossad officials & Business Leaders add to Growing Cracks with US Biden Administration.


Are Netanyahu’s days as Israel’s PM numbered?

Calls for “Immediate Removal of Netanyahu” are getting louder as top former Israeli Mossad officials & business leaders add to growing cracks with US Biden Administration.

More than 40 former senior Israeli military commanders and intelligence officials, business leaders and diplomats are calling for the “immediate removal” of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu from office.

In a letter delivered to Israeli President Isaac Herzog and the Knesset on Thursday, the group argues that Netanyahu poses a “clear and present danger” to the state of Israel for as long as he remains in leadership.

“As key contributors to the country’s defense and to one of the world’s strongest economies over the past decades, we strongly believe that Netanyahu represents an existential and ongoing threat to the people and to the state of Israel, and that Israel has leaders capable of replacing him immediately,” the letter states.

The 43 undersigned officials include former IDF chiefs Moshe Ya’alon and Dan Haloutz, Tamir Pardo and Danny Yatom, who were directors of the Mossad intelligence agency, and Nadav Argaman and Yaakov Peri, who led the Shin Bet security agency.

Unfolding story. More to come.

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